6 Reasons You’re Not Making Money From Adsense (And How To Fix Them!)

6 Reasons You're Not Making Money From Adsense (And How To Fix Them!)


When I started blogging, I originally started to just compile information for my friends and family because I got tired of sending a bajillion emails.

That's right folks, my entrepreneurial journey spawned from laziness!

Fast forward a few months, and I learned I could actually make money sharing information (the turning point in my working life!) and installed adsense on my blog.

I remember celebrating my first "money making day" with my hubby...I earned $0.31!

Ever since that moment, I was driven to tweak and test every aspect of making money online through adsense in order to turn that $0.31, into a full time income.

Mission accomplished!

Anyone who tells you you can't make a full time income from adsense alone, isn't doing it right!

Now, on the other side of things, is it smart to rely on adsense alone for your income? Hell no! Having several streams of income in place (ie affiliate sales, products you've created, services, etc.) is the only way to build a smart, sustainable, reliable income online.

That's doesn't mean you should skimp on the potential Google Adsense has to offer though!

I will preface this by saying that every site is different, not everyone gets the same results, there is no magic pill, yada yada yada. However, anyone who I have ever addressed adsense earnings issues with, and suggested these solutions to, has seen a significant difference in their ad revenue each month after putting them into action!

So, here they are...

6 Reasons You're Not Making Money From Adsense (And How To Fix Them!)


1.Placement: Either your ads are obtrusive, and therefore more annoying than enticing, or they’re so out of the way that people aren’t even making it that far down the screen to see them!

Solution: Use the placement heat map available from Google themselves, or install a heat map on your website and observe where people are clicking most (and put the ads there!).

Adsense Placement Heat Map

2.Styling: Your ads don't match the styling/colors of your website so they look like they were plastered on randomly at the last minute to make a quick buck!

Solution: Create a custom text ad style with your ideal colors in your Adsense account, so you can use it again and again whenever you create a new ad unit!

Need some help figuring out your color codes? There's a great free extension I use for that called ColorPicker (details on the Tools page)!

3.Irrelevant Ads: If you find your ads aren’t matching your site AT ALL, it could be because they are only showing ads based on previous website searches/visits you (or your reader) have made prior to visiting your site. This can make them look out of place, and again, as though they are just stuck in there to make a quick buck!

Solution: Change the settings in the Ad Serving area of your adsense account to only show contextual ads (based on your website content) instead of interest based ads!

6 Reasons You're Not Making Money From Adsense (And How To Fix Them!)

4.Quality Traffic: Even if your ads are bang on with relevance, placement, and styling, if your traffic isn’t coming from sources that are actually interested in your content, it’s all a waste!

Solution: Only share your content where your ideal reader hangs out, and make sure that your headlines clearly describe what exactly it is you are talking about (misleading headlines only lead to untargeted traffic, and high bounce rates!).

5.Niche: You blog about everything under the sun, so you attract everyone and their cousin to your site, and Google doesn’t know what ads to show at all!

Solution: Narrow your niche as much as possible, at least to a specific target audience who shares the same group of interests. This way, ads will be more targeted, helpful, and appealing to your reader!

If you need help narrowing your niche, or finding your ideal reader/client, grab my ebook "How To Make Money As An Infopreneur, In A Way That Feels Good To You!" (in the sidebar!) which comes with free worksheets for both!

6.Not Doing Your Homework! : You have a few days here and there where the money is good, it’s higher than usual, you celebrate, and then you don’t bother to look into where that spike is coming from so you can duplicate that success again and again!

Solution: Link your adsense account to Google Analytics, then in your Analytics account find Behaviour >> Site Content >> Landing Pages and select "Adsense" (above the chart) and the dates.

You will then have a beauty of a report telling you the specific earnings and CTR (click thru rate) of each of your top earning posts, and can pull a theme from that of what you should be posting more of, and what’s not going to help you move forward in your biz (and pay the bills)!

Are you guilty of any of these 6 slip-ups?

It's cool, we all are! The important thing is to recognize it, and start taking action, if you want to leave the days of celebrating $0.31 behind you!

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