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9 to 5? um, No Thanks!

People like you and me, we're not meant to spend the "prime time" of our lives trading time for money.

Working away, day in and day out, to satisfy someone else's goals, and boost someone else's paycheck.

Time you could be enjoying with your loved ones, instead is spent locked in a car, in bumper to bumper traffic, on your way to a place you don't like, to spend the next 8 hours doing something that doesn't exactly thrill you.

It's not right, and we're done letting this be the story of our lives!

Imagine this day with me...

A day (it could even be a MONDAY!), where you...

wake up because you want to!
aren't stressed out or rushing to keep with someone else's schedule!
have a bigger bank account when you wake up, than when you went to sleep!
can take your kids to school, and be there (really bet there!) to hear about their day when they come home!

Welcome to the life of an Infopreneur!

Blogging, E-books, Courses...Making bank through sharing information is the name of the game,
a game I know very well...

Wanna play?!


As an infopreneur, you get to focus on what you love, on your own schedule, and without having to share your paycheck with any random "big wigs"!

I've spent years studying and nailing down the methods that work, and filtering out the ones that don't!

The result? I've been able to create an easy to follow roadmap that has helped me earn a full time income from the comfort of my own home for the past 5 years...and counting!

I'm Jules (hi!).

I'm a wife, mother, and long time infopreneur, and I wouldn't have it any other way!Candidly Jules

When  we had our daughter in early 2011, I immediately knew that I wanted to be be there for every "major moment", and was done with the daily grind. Trust me when I say we were far from financially stable at this point, so I spent many nights channeling Tim Gunn, knowing I had to find a way to "make it work"!

I wasn't about to miss out on time with my new little family for a j-o-b that I dreaded going to each day, and barely even paid our bills.

So...I made it work! And I want to show you how to do the same!

Information is powerful.

Once you learn to harness that power, and turn it into a force that can support you (while also helping others!), your life will never be the same!

Now I get to enjoy time with my family and friends, while still helping support my family financially, and all in my yoga pants (best invention ever!) from our living room sofa...and I wouldn't change a thing!