The Trick To Creating Information Products That Sell!

The Trick To Creating Info Products That Sell


Information products are the key to creating passive income online...period!

They are pretty much the definition of passive!

Create once, set up your sales systems, earn money while you sleep...simple, right?!

While this bird's eye view really is the big picture of it, there are other steps that need to come into play if you want to make sure you guarantee your product will sell, and not just turn out to be a waste of the time you spent creating it!

If you want to make an information product that is guaranteed to sell, you need to find the "sweet spot"!

What is the sweet spot you may be wondering? Glad you asked!

Sweet Spot Diagram

See that purple area all nice and cozy in the midst of all the other colors...that's the sweet spot!

Finding that magical place where what you know meets what you love and what your audience is looking for is not only the best feeling ever (truly!), but it's money in the bank!

While this colorful little graph can look friendly, this will be one of the hardest (if not the hardest!) parts of creating your product.

Here's the thing...

You can learn how to design pretty graphics, write intriguing content, and even what not to do! But no one can give you the answers to finding your sweet spot, that's 100% on you!

Only you know your expertise, what you love, and how to bring that together in a way that WOWs your audience!

If there is one thing that you take your time with and really think long and hard about when you're creating an information product, this is it!

It's especially important when you're creating your first product and don't have any experience in what works and what doesn't when marketing to your particular following, so really delve deep into the wants and needs of everyone involved here to make it worth it!

This is where expertise meets interest meets desire, and it's your golden ticket to a product that sells!

Just remember, it's better to have a targeted audience as opposed to a large one, so try to get as specific as possible with each of these 3 factors while still allowing enough space to create that sweet spot for your business to call home.

How To Find Out What Your Audience Wants From You

Many people make the mistake of unveiling an information product they've been working on to their audience as though it's a surprise party (and no one's birthday)...wrong!

Don't put in the work until you've done your homework and are certain that all three areas of the "sweet spot" are satisfied. If you move forward before this, it won't fly!

If you already have an audience of your own:

♦ Ask them! These people will be your biggest resource when it comes to research, just, ask, them!

♦ Create a short survey using a service like SurveyMonkey (free) if you have a few ideas and would like to see which ones are most popular.

If you don't have an audience of your own (or it's really small):

♦ There is a paid option in SurveyMonkey to have your survey sent to a targeted audience based on what you're looking for (pricing can vary, so contact them before moving forward with this option to be safe!)

Join Facebook Groups where your ideal customer hangs out and see what they are talking about? What are they struggling with? What needs are not yet being met?

♦ Looking to design a course? Hop on Udemy and start searching! See what's popular, and click on courses that are similar to what you'd be producing to view how many students are enrolled (how many sales have been made!).

♦ Search general categories for ebooks on Amazon to see what the bestsellers are talking can you "one up" that?!

Use the worksheet from our Free Resources Library for Bloggers + Biz Owners  to get your ideas on paper, hone in on your sweet spot, and explore what brings you and your audience together in a way that benefits you both!

Grab the worksheet from our Free Resources Library for Bloggers + Biz Owners!


Investing the time and energy into doing things the right way, and really getting in touch with your audience's desires (and your own!), will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your peers before you've even started creating!

Of course, you'll want to make sure you produce high quality content when your product is released if you want it to provide you with ongoing, passive income, but finding your sweet spot gets you well on your way to living the "laptop lifestyle"!

Ready to really take things to the next level in your biz?

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