Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups: Which Should You Have?

Facebook Pages Vs. Facebook Groups-Which Should You Have?


5 years ago, when I started blogging, I didn't know I could use Facebook to promote my blog.

I seriously look back and cringe a little when I think about how clueless and naive I was.

[hangs head in shame]

Once I finally crawled out from under my little rock and got started with my Facebook page, things took off, and business was BOOMING! Of course, that was before...dun dun dunnnn....the change!

Remember way back when the "timeline" wasn't even a thing? And when you liked a page, and actually got to see what they posted in your newsfeed after?

Ahhh, the good old days!

Now, anything more than a 5% reach on a Facebook page is something to celebrate!

Starting a Facebook page has it's pros and cons at this point, much like anything else, but if you're basing your marketing plan on having one, you might want to park your butt and rethink things a little!

Even if you manage to build your numbers up (because that's all they are is numbers if they aren't seeing your goods on the reg!), you're only connecting with a small fraction of them, which can be pretty disproportionate to the amount of work you need to put in to make it happen.

Facebook Pages Vs. Facebook Groups-The Final Showdown


Enter - Facebook Groups!

Facebook groups have given bloggers and biz owners a more personal setting in which to connect with their audience, and actually build engagement!

However, since most groups are designed to have exclusivity and you must be "approved" to join, this can deter some of the lurkers (those readers that watch you from afar, in a non-stalker kinda way...hopefully!) from even joining.

Sooo...which should you have?

I clearly have my own opinions on the subject (I'm actually chanting "Groups!" in my head as I type), so I took to the cyber-streets to see what others had to say on the matter...

"Groups, 100%! Why? Reach. Engagement. Interaction. Results." -Courtney Bedore

I love the option of Facebook groups over Facebook page- simply because everyone is able to collaborate and contribute by helping others, and asking for help! It's a Mastermind group in the true sense of the word! -Ashima Sharma

I see more posts in my newsfeed from facebook groups than facebook pages. I also think that the facebook groups are able to create more of a community among the members. So, the reach, engagement and interaction is much better!  -Charlene from Sporadic Obsessions

I have both, but spend more time on my group, and left my over 5k fan page aside because there's no engagement. I'd  rather focus on my small group and tribe! -Feuza Reis

Pages may have analytics, but what good is that if you can't control reach and visibility? -Marilyn Arriaga

At the moment groups are better, but I am willing to bet that Pages are going to make a huge comeback in 2016! Already the option is available to build an online shop into your Page, as well as to favourite a page so it appears in your news feed first. The power this brings to businesses can't be matched by any other site!
-Pierre Labuschagne

Despite the fabulous points made by Pierre from Top Blogger, I don't think I'm alone on this one!

Ultimately, the question isn't really which one do you need, because you'll need both. A Facebook page for public image, analytics, and running Facebook ads, and a Facebook group in order to actually build a connection with your target audience.

The question really is where should you be spending your time...and I think the answer is pretty clear!

You don't spend money unless you'll see a return, why spend your time like it's any less valuable?Click To Tweet

As an infopreneur, time is your most valuable asset, so make sure what you choose to use it for pays off!

Facebook groups = Time well invested!

What do you think? As a blogger/biz owner, as well as an audience member, which do you prefer when connecting with your favorite businesses/brands?

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One thought on “Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups: Which Should You Have?

  1. The problem is, I can’t join a group as my page. I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there who want to join or start a group with their page, not their personal page!

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