How To Build A Successful Blog While Working Full Time

How To Build A Successful Blog While Working Full Time


There’s no arguing that there is a ton of (fabulous!) advice out there about how to turn your blog into your full time job!

While I love that it's possible, I also know it’s not realistic for everyone right away.

For some of us, the time frame is just not reasonable. We don’t have the time while we’re working to make our blog into an around the clock money making machine...We don’t know where to start.

But, that doesn’t mean that your blog can’t still be successful, fulfilling, and even a little (or a lot!) lucrative!

So the question becomes – how do you build a successful blog while working full time?

I’m here to share the secrets I’ve learned in my over three years of blogging (all while working full time as an attorney!).

Treat Your Blog Like It’s Another Job

Treat your blog like another job, whether you’re making a pretty penny, or not.

You need to show up regularly (whether that’s daily, weekly, bi-weekly), put in the work, answer emails in a timely and professional manner, respond to customer complaints (and compliments!) and work on growing your business.

If you take your blogging goals seriously, making it a priority will be a walk in the park for you, no matter how busy you may be!

Create a Calendar (and Stick To It)

When I have a super busy week, I make sure to plan out everything I need to do in detail.

Figure out a reasonable schedule that works for you – something you can actually stick to!

If that means you can only post on your blog once a week, that's okay! It’s all about quality over quantity, so figure out how many quality posts you can write per week without completely burning out.

Once I let myself post less often (due to my schedule), I was less stressed, and the quality of my posts went up too!

Once you decide on a posting schedule for yourself, you'll be able to determine how much time you need to spend on your blog overall.

Set aside either a little time each day or a bigger chunk of time one or more times a week to get your tasks done, and again...stick to it!

How To Build A Successful Blog While Working Full Time

Batch Tasks

I’m a huge fan of batching tasks, and have suggested it on my blog in the past. "Batching" is where you do similar tasks all at the same time, such as taking photos, answering emails, scheduling out social media.

For me, once my brain is already in that “mode,” it’s easier to just continue doing that kind of work instead of hopping around from task to task.

Squeeze In “Little Tasks”

There are so many little things that go into blogging, but those little things can add up and eat away at your time, fast!

See if you can do a few little tasks here and there that will clear up your time later on. Some examples are – get up 30 minutes early to answer emails, check out your friends’ blogs on your lunch break, check your social media while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, draft post ideas in a notebook on your bus ride to work, etc.

There are lots of little tasks you can squeeze in throughout the day if you look for the opportunities to do so. So when you have larger chunks of time available, you can concentrate on the bigger tasks that need your full attention!

Quickly Deal With Blogger’s Block

Since you're working full time, you won’t have time to stare at an empty screen just hoping you’ll be inspired to write something amazing.

If you have blogger’s block (or if you want to pre-emptively deal with potential blocks!), it’s important to always keep the new ideas flowing.

Keep a list of possible blog post ideas – you can jot ideas in a notebook, keep a note file going on your phone or use a program like Evernote. Check out ways to always have blog post ideas to help you keep your mind fresh.

Having lots of ideas ready to go when you have the time to write blog posts will save time, and your sanity!

Take Shortcuts

There are some things you just need to do for yourself.

For example, if you don’t have time to take your own photos, check out free stock photography sites. If you don’t have time to create your blog design and don’t want to pay for a customized design, there are also lots of free or cheap templates on sites like Creative Market! Stuck with technology? Youtube videos are a great resource for learning how to use a new program.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel! If you can take advantage of the free or cheap resources out there instead of driving yourself crazy, do it!

Manage Your Stress

In order to be truly successful, we all need a break sometimes.

If you know you will have a crazy busy week at your day job, plan ahead with your blog. You can either write posts ahead of time, take the week off from blogging or enlist some help with guest posts.

Planning ahead can prevent a huge amount of stress!

Just generally exhausted and need some time off? That’s okay too! Your mental, emotional and physical health is priority number one! Take care of yourself first and when you return to your blog, you’ll feel refreshed and excited to get back into it!

Blogging is fun and can be extremely rewarding in a variety of ways, but it is also a lot of work!

Are You A Blogger With A Full Time J-o-b? How Do You Handle This Balancing Act?

Guest Post written by: Jackie from Jade and Oak

Jackie from

"I have been blogging at Jade and Oak for over three years, and have recently started focusing on helping bloggers turn their blog into a thriving business, and have been providing legal tips for blogging as well. When I’m not blogging, I am hanging out in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA with my husband and our two snuggly pugs Bowie and Rosie (who are currently waiting for me to get off my laptop and feed them). Let's Connect!: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram

14 thoughts on “How To Build A Successful Blog While Working Full Time

    1. I hear ya! My blog is my full time job now, but the little ones don’t make it easy! LOL
      It’s funny you ask because I just posted in my Facebook group that my yearly planning kit just arrived and I’m LOVING IT! I get the same ones every year (from Leonie Dawson). They’re so fun, uber effective, and really helps you get the big picture for your blogging biz, while helping you plan it day by day.
      I can’t say enough good things about it (definitely a woman’s planner though!) LOL
      Thanks for commenting Nicole!

    2. I actually use an Excel spreadsheet – it keeps all my ideas right in front of me and I can easily cut and paste to move ideas around. Glad you liked the post 🙂

  1. Love it! I couldn’t relate more actually. Working full-time, running an online creative business and having a blog too, have taught me a great deal of how to manage my days. But new tips on how to manage all that are more than welcome 🙂 Thanks a lot Jackie for the tips, and Jules for the post !

    1. She did a fab job didn’t she? How lucky am I that I get to feature these helpful tips?!
      So glad you found it helpful!
      Time is a tricky thing to get a grip on 😉

    1. So glad you enjoyed these tips! Jackie did a great job with this one, was thrilled to feature her here!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Rolene 🙂

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